Institute for Formal Methods of Computer Science

Theoretical Computer Science / Algorithmics

The Institute for Formal Methods of Computer Science (FMI) belongs to the Institutsverbund Informatik (IvI) (internal only) and was spun off on 27.11.2002 from the former Institut für Informatik (IFI).

It participates in the teaching of computer science and software engineering, as well as in further courses through minor subject offers. (Information about the degree programs: Bachelor, Master)

In research, his departments are active in the areas of theoretical, practical, technical and applied computer science.

Content before SS 2020 (as well as special pages even to the current teachings) can be found on the old website.



Petra van Schayck


Prof. Dr. rer.-nat. habil.

Volker Diekert

Head of institute
Head of the Theoretical Computer Science Group

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