Björn Appel 2008
Dr. Holger Austinat 1999 bis 2005
Andreas Bergen 1996 bis 1997
Dr. Michael Bertol 1993 bis 1996
Dr. Stefan Göller 2005 bis 2007
Dr. Benjamin Hoffmann 2006 bis 2010
Dr. Jonathan Kausch 2012 bis 2017
Dr. Steffen Kopecki 2009 bis 2011
PD Dr. rer. nat. Manfred Kufleitner 2001 bis 2017
Dr. Jürn Laun 2008 bis 2013
Dr. Alexander Lauser 2009 bis 2014
Prof. Dr. Markus Lohrey 2000 bis 2007
Alexander Miller 2004 bis 2006
Prof. Dr. Anca Muscholl 1991 bis 1999
Dr. Nicole Ondrusch 2003 bis 2006
Dr. Holger Petersen 1995 bis 2008
Dr. Walter Reuß 1991 bis 1998
Dr. Tobias Walter 2011 bis 2017
Dr. Klaus Wich 2000 bis 2005


[Apr’18] The paper “The isomorphism problem for finite extensions of free groups is in PSPACE” by Géraud Sénizergues and Armin Weiß was accepted at ICALP 2018.

[Apr’18] The paper “On the Complexity of the Cayley Semigroup Membership Problem” by Lukas Fleischer was accepted at CCC 2018.

[Jan’18] On March 24-29, 2019 Volker Diekert, Markus Lohrey, Olga Kharlampovich and Alexei Miasnikov will organize the Schloss Dagstuhl Seminar “Algorithmic Problems in Group Theory”.

[Dec’17] The paper “The Intersection Problem for Finite Monoids” by Lukas Fleischer and Manfred Kufleitner was accepted at STACS 2018.

[Jun’17] At the 12th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia (CSR), Lukas Fleischer and Manfred Kufleitner received a Best Paper Award for their publication “Green’s Relations in Finite Transformation Semigroups”, and Armin Weiss received a Best Paper Award for “The conjugacy problem in free solvable groups and wreath product of abelian groups is in $\text{TC}^0$ \text{TC}^0 “ which is joint work with Alexei Miasnikov and Svetla Vassileva.